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Neighborhood Watch, cover art, middle grade, JCU, just cause universe, ian thomas healy, superheroes, supervillains

THE NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH is coming soon! Although we don’t have a final release date yet, we can tell you we are aiming for late August or early September. The cover art for┬áTHE NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH is done. We’re not ready to show it to you yet, but we can share this much of it now: As you can see, it is […]

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Sneak peek at the NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH cover!

neighborhood watch, just cause universe, jcu, ian thomas healy, karyn lewis bonfiglio, cover art, middle grade, superheroes, supervillains, superpowers

NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH artist shares her process Art is, in many ways, similar to writing. It’s someone sitting down alone in front of a notebook, sketchpad, or computer, and creating something that never existed before. The act of bringing something new into our universe is a fascinating process to observe–at least, we think so. Here, cover artist Karyn Lewis Bonfiglio shares […]

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Read the first three chapters of Tusks right here!

tusks, just cause, just cause universe, ian thomas healy, ian healy, superhero, supervillain, dream, dream adventure

For your enjoyment: an excerpt of Tusks One All people are tools. Some are sharper than others. August, 2009 New York City As hard as it was to lead a superhero team during the times of conflict and crisis, Sally learned it was even harder to do so during the lulls in action. After the initial turbulence surrounding the opening […]

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