JUST CAUSE Universe books now available everywhere!

The Just Cause Universe books (Just Cause, The Archmage, Day of the Destroyer, Deep Six, Jackrabbit, and the JCU Omnibus Vol. 1) are no longer exclusive to Amazon.com. You can now download them from Smashwords, iTunes, and Barnes & Noble. And of course, all the full-length novels are also available in print if you like to have them in paperback!*

*Some retailers have not yet updated their inventory lists. If you want an epub file that can be read on your Nook, Kobo, or iPad, or pretty much any app, Local Hero Press recommends the Smashwords store or buying direct.


If you love food, and watching people make it on television, you’re going to love Making the Cut, the newest release from Local Hero Press and Ian Thomas Healy.

Making the Cut is a Young Adult/New Adult novel about two girls competing in a televised cooking competition. Midori comes from San Francisco, and grew up in a family that owns a restaurant. All she ever wanted to do was cook, but in Japanese culture, women are relegated to hostess and management roles. She enters the Making the Cut competition without her parents’ knowledge. Nicole comes from Denver, the child of a broken home who’s been forced to grow up way too soon to help her mother support her younger sister. She’s been poor her entire life, and that prize package is impossibly valuable to her. These two girls become friends despite their cultural differences, and together with six more recent high school graduates, will be competing in front of the cameras. With a $10,000 prize and scholarship to a prestigious New York culinary school at stake, can their friendship survive the challenge?

Making the Cut is available from all online retailers including Amazon and Smashwords, or can be purchased directly from Local Hero Press.


JACKRABBIT officially released today!

Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls, and Rabbits of All Ages…

Local Hero Press is proud to announce the official release of Jackrabbit, Book 5 of the Just Cause Universe series of superhero fiction! Jackrabbit is available from all online retail outlets and can be found in both print and ebook editions. If you like your superheroes fun with a healthy portion of snark, you’ll enjoy Jackrabbit. Jackrabbit is $3.99 for an ebook and $12.99 in print. If you purchase a print edition from Amazon, you can get the ebook for free.


The foolishness arrives April 1!

Local Hero Press and Author Ian Thomas Healy are pleased to announce April 1, 2014, as the official release date for Jackrabbit, the fifth book in the popular Just Cause Universe series of superhero fiction.


Jay is having a pretty bad day at school. His popular cheerleader girlfriend just dumped him and a jock spilled soda all over his brand new Nikes. So when the God of Rabbits recruits him to save the world from an invasion of interstellar cockroaches, it seems like it might be a pretty cool gig.

Unfortunately, in the spectrum of god-like abilities, rabbits rank pretty low, and Jay receives the ability to make snarky wisecracks, jump real high, and . . . that’s about all.

With all other superheroes snapped up by the Cockroach God and his minions running rampant in the extradimensional Gods’ Home, Jay and his newfound ally Bluebird are the only two unlikely heroes left to defend humanity.

We are doomed . . .

Ian is giving away three signed Advance Reading Copies (ARCs) through a Goodreads Giveaway.

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Jackrabbit by Ian Thomas Healy


by Ian Thomas Healy

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If you want to preorder Jackrabbit as an ebook, visit Kobobooks to order an EPUB edition or Smashwords to order a Kindle edition. Jackrabbit will have suggested retail pricing of $3.99 as an ebook and $12.99 in print (specific retailer pricing may vary).

Pre-order DEEP SIX today!

DeepSixcoverBThe next novel in the Just Cause Universe is now available to pre-order in ebook and print formats!

Releasing November 29, 2013 worldwide, DEEP SIX broadens the Just Cause Universe with a tale set in the deep underground prison for convicted parahuman offenders.

When criminals are convicted, they go to jail. When they have parahuman abilities, they go to Deep Six, the most secure prison facility in the world. Six thousand feet underground, nobody has ever escaped from the maximum security facility.

Until now.

A parahuman terrorist called Misrule engineers a mass breakout, and it falls to a pair of prison guards to stop the world’s most dangerous criminals from reaching freedom, and Just Cause won’t be able to help them. Despite being overmatched and underpowered, the two guards must find a way to prevent the escapees from their ultimate goal.

Pre-order the ebook via Smashwords, available for all ebook readers including Kindle, iPad/iPhone, Android, Sony, Kobo, and Nook.

Preorder a signed print edition via PayPal (United States and Canada only; if you reside in another country and want to pre-order,

Check out the book trailer!