Audiobook news!

People have been inquiring about the availability of Local Hero Press audiobooks. Although we do not have them for sale separately, we are pleased to share with you how you can listen to any Local Hero Press publication.

To do this, you need an epub version of any LHP book, available from Smashwords and Google Play Books (get the app here). It is also helpful to have Google Drive (get it here).

Heres what you do:
1. Purchase a Smashwords edition ebook and download the epub version.
2. Upload the epub file to your Google Drive.
3. In Google Play Books, go to Settings and enable “Enable PDF uploading”.
4. From Google Drive, download the epub file into Books.
5. Listen and enjoy! We’ve tested it and it works great!

If you’re still having trouble, we used this post from Google Support to make things clear.

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