Countdown to CHAMPION: 16 days!

Champion releases on November 25th! You can preorder it from Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes for only $3.99 ebook or $14.99 print! In the meantime, here’s an exclusive look at some of the custom art done for the book trailer by artist Justin Wasson along with a relevant excerpt from the story!

champion_panel_9Stand back,” said Dannan, “and watch for flying splinters.” She dug her fingers into the door’s edge, braced her feet against the adjacent bulkhead. For what seemed an eternity to Sally, Dannan strained against the recalcitrant door. Her muscles stood out under her skin like bunched cables. Sweat rolled down her cheeks and her face grew red with the effort. The door creaked and groaned as Dannan applied her strength to it. Just when Sally was ready to call it off and have Champion come down to try to blast through the door, it slid open several inches with a ragged sound of tearing metal.

That’s it.” Dannan gasped for breath. “I can’t move it any more than that.”

Water spilled out of the engine room, flooding the small landing on which they stood, to a depth of almost a foot. Fresh smoke poured out through the gap from fuel oil patches that burned while floating on the surface. Sally peered through the opening. Inside, the engine room looked like some artist’s twisted representation of hell, with random patches of flames and broken, tangled equipment scattered throughout from the explosion.

No way,” she grumbled. “It’s such a mess in there I wouldn’t even know where to start.”

Nobody else is going to fit through that crack,” said Dannan.

Here’s the full trailer: