The Three Flavors of Tacos Trilogy

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Three Flavors of Tacos

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Director Edgar Wright is a darn good director, and we love his work. He has a trilogy of films, mostly unrelated to one another but for two things. The same actors, Nick Frost and Simon Pegg, star in each film. Likewise, Cornetto brand ice cream appears in each one. Film buffs refer to these movies as the Three Flavors of Cornetto trilogy, consisting of Sean of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World’s End. Not to be outdone, Ian Thomas Healy has a trilogy called Three Flavors of Tacos. Why? Because tacos are frickin’ delicious.

making the cut, foodie, reality tv, three flavors of tacos, ian thomas healy, cooking, competition, Asian American, Hispanic, female protagonistThe Tacos Trilogy consists of three Young Adult novels, unrelated except for a couple of tenuous connections. These novels are The Guitarist, Making the Cut, and The Scene Stealers. A character from The Guitarist has a brief cameo in Making the Cut. One of the characters in The Scene Stealers wears a t-shirt from the band in The Guitarist, and likewise, there’s a brief cameo from a food truck from Making the Cut. More importantly, tacos are featured in some way in all three books. They’re not prevalent by any stretch of the imagination, but at some point, characters will take a break to enjoy a tasty taco treat.

Scene Stealers, young adult, high school, heist, crime, humor, theater, Ian Thomas Healy, thespian, three flavors of tacosThe reason we mention this now is that we’re preparing to release Making the Cut in both print and audio, and it’s a good time to bring up the trilogy for those of you who like completeness.

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